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Skype Session
Global Warming   ...

Participating in global collaboration projects helps students in doing first hand research instead of simply looking up information in a book or online.  Skype call with the students of Bangladesh for exchanging the views and solving quires on global warming students of class VII of Sunrise International School enjoyed the activity and this Activity boosted up the confidence among the students. 

    A skype session was held between students of class VIII of SIS & students of partner school from Nepal. In this session students shared some common myths prevalent in India & SriLanka. This session helped students understand how different myths are prevalent not only in their country but also in other countries of the World.They also got to know the reasons behind these myths in their respective countries.
      More and more people are thinking about the environment of issues and ecological condition of Earth nowadays. Why has this problem became so relevant? Keeping in mind same problem, students of class XIth of Sunrise International School performed a skit explaining the all effects of deforestation. They also explained the various methods being adopted in Nepal and India to “Go Green”.